[Is it possible to eat the split fruit]_ split fruit _ can you eat _ how to eat

[Is it possible to eat the split fruit]_ split fruit _ can you eat _ how to eat

Argan fruit is a healthy fruit with a small size, similar to cherry.

But because the size is very similar to the character of the bifurcation, and the shell is very small, it is called seedless cherry and argan fruit, which are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

The vitamin c we usually eat is contained in this kind of fruit, which has a sweet taste, crispy and delicious, and can be directly eaten as a fruit.

Is the broken capsule delicious?
, The shape is small, similar to the cherry type, bright red and clear, and the fruit shape is like a figure-shaped bifurcation.

Its nucleus is very small, so it has been included as mitotic capsule or cherries.

Contains extremely high nutrient elements. It is a healthy fruit that people like. Broken capsule contains more calcium, iron, phosphorus, and amino acids than other fruits. Consumption will produce good health and beauty effects, and has anti-cancer effects.Anything.

Split capsule is rich in vitamin c, and has a relatively high soluble sugar content, which is significantly higher than that of prickly pear, sea buckthorn, and kiwi, especially its fruit has a reduced acid content (0.
18%), the sugar-acid ratio is as high as 39.
Therefore, if you eat it, the fruit tastes rich and sweet, and the taste is refreshing. Friends who prefer sweets can try the fruit.