[Dried Fried Pork Belly]_Dried Fried Pork Belly_How to Make_How to Make

[Dried Fried Pork Belly]_Dried Fried Pork Belly_How to Make_How to Make

How to make dried fried pork belly?

It is definitely necessary to pay attention to understanding the steps. In addition to pork belly, you must also pay attention to the use of various seasonings, because seasoning is the key to the overall taste of the food.

First, the main ingredients of pork belly.

Accessories ginger.

Seasoning salt, MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, cooking oil.

Production step 1. Wash the pork belly and slice.

2. After the ginger is minced, take the ginger juice for future use.

3, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger juice pre-marinated juice spare.

4. Marinate pork belly with marinade for 2 hours.

5. Wrap the pickled pork belly with a layer of dried starch.

6, make oil in the pot, 60% into the pork belly and fry for about 1 minute.

7, until the meat is dry and fragrant.

Second, tips: 1. Cut pork belly slices 5 mm thick as well.

2. Be sure to fry some fat from pork belly, otherwise it will be greasy.

Third, method 1, take fresh and fat medium pork belly, cut into the size on the picture, thickness 0.

About 5 centimeters, don’t make it too thin.

2. Put a pinch of salt, don’t be too salty, add MSG, cooking wine, ginger, green onion, aniseed petals, extremely fresh soy sauce, all the ingredients above, add a little sugar at the end.

Scratch well with your hands.

3, marinate for dozens of minutes, pick out ginger, spring onions, aniseed.

Put about a pound of cooking oil in the pot, heat it to 70%, and put the flour inside and outside with dried flour.

4, fry until yellow, remove, add oil and other oil to boil, use a colander to fill the meat with oil, beat it quickly, (result in crispy, and bright color, to ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly).

Empty the oil, load the plate, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and serve.